Rear crankshaft spi gasket - 80x100x13mm - 0514.20 - TALBOT TAGORA V6
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  • Rear crankshaft spi gasket - 80x100x13mm - 0514.20 - TALBOT TAGORA V6

Rear crankshaft spi gasket - 80x100x13mm - 0514.20 - TALBOT TAGORA V6

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  • - Spi gasket for rear side of crankshaft

  • - 80x100x13mm

  • - Replace PEUGEOT 0514.20

  • - TALBOT

  • - TAGORA V6


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Discover our rear crankshaft spi gasket in dimensions 80x100x13, a must-have for any owner reconditioning the V6 PRV engine of its TALBOT TAGORA V6. This gasket, guarantees a very good quality, meeting the original standards. The original PEUGEOT reference is 0514.20, this product ensures full compatibility and a hassle-free installation on your car's PRV engine.

It allows you to renovate aging or even worn PRV V6 Engine, thus improving the safety and quality of your restauration. Its very good quality workmanship ensures great durability and resistance, giving you peace of mind about the longevity of your purchase.

Whether you are in the process of restoring your TALBOT TAGORA V6 or simply looking for a reliable and quality renovation of your V6 PRV engine, our 80x100x13mm spi gasket for crankshaft is the ideal solution. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your car's quality with a product that's built to last.

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